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    Discatch vzw is a Ghent based event creator. Our events cover the wide variety in music history. Starting from the center point of many musical genres - DISCO.

    We organize inclusive events for all ages. Atmosphere is key, our artists are carefully chosen not for how many followers they cover, but for their musical choices and infectious vibes they throw into a crowd.

    WHAT WE DID: Discatch Open Air (BOON Gent) // Saturday Boogie Night (Vrijdagsmark Gent) // Zondag met Discatch (Glasfabriek Gent) // Discatch Open Air (Glasfabriek Gent)


(OUDE VISMIJN - ghent)

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Discatch neemt jullie mee op een muzikale trip doorheen één van de invloedrijkste genres aller tijden: ✨ DISCO ✨

Geboren in de discotheek en legendarischer dan Charlie Chaplin’s bolhoed.

Kom shaken en ontdek Disco in een gelaagde ervaring vol tropische baselines en funky house beats.

A one-way ticket to boogie wonderland

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